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360: Everything Went Black

Some people are very hard to pick.

There's a persona 360 has cultivated of a brash, obnoxious, unapologetic stalwart of Aussie hip hop that permeates its way through every public appearance and every syllable spoken on a track. To be honest, before chatting to him on the phone it was this persona that I was expecting to encounter; I was bracing myself. In the end, it turns out he doesn't even answer the phone as ‘Sixty’; how did I not already know his name was Matt?

"Everyone sees a successful artist or musician and thinks they must just be living the life, everything must be amazing. But there's so much other shit going on behind the scenes that people don't know about. It's really hard to deal with suddenly going from that dude on the street that no one would look at twice to suddenly getting harassed a lot in public for photos."

Sixty isn't generally one to plaster his issues across the public space. Even having his photo taken in public has been something the rapper has had to come to terms with.

"This was in my time when I was not a very healthy person. I was a little bit anxious. [But] I still struggle with that shit. When everything first happened we had a gig in Perth. I went to a General Pants store before the gig but I didn't realise that it was just when school had finished. Someone came up for a photo and I was like ‘Yeah, no worries’. Next thing I look back and the whole shop is packed, full of kids waiting, just waiting. I had to go out the back door 'cause I couldn't really deal with it."

Sure, public relations can be tough, but at this point I wasn't convinced that Sixty actually had that much to deal with. I asked him what else was going on. I was not expecting to hear he was going blind.

"I've got a disease in my eyes. I had a transplant in my right eye, and I can't see really out of that at all. And now my left eye has just started going. So it's just a matter of time and then I'm gonna have to have another transplant and then I'll have fuck-all vision. I don't think it'll be 100 percent blind, it'll just be about 80 percent. I'll just see colours, it'll look like I'm underwater. That's what it looks like if I use my right eye. It's all good though, man! It could be a lot worse.

“I'm in a very good place now. There's no drug abuse which there was for the last four years. That shit's like a rollercoaster 'cause it's so much fun. It'd be a lie to say that it's not fun to do it but it slowly creeps up on you and becomes something that swallows you and becomes part of your life. You battle with it so many times. It's a fucking nightmare to really go through it. But I feel like a changed person. I've gotten off everything apart from marijuana because I don't think that's that bad."

Perhaps brighter days are ahead, even if Sixty has had to accept the prospect of living them in darkness. He's been keeping himself busy, excited by the prospect of a follow-up to 'Falling And Flying'. His next album will be even bigger, he tells me, even after I remind him he's talking about an LP that went platinum four times over. And then there's the elephant in the room, an elephant by the name of Pez.

“We've always planned to [do an album] together. So the plan is for his album to drop at the end of this year, my album to drop early next year and then for us to work on a Forthwrite album for next year as well. It's definitely gonna happen. One hundred percent. It's just depending on when it comes out, it depends on how long it takes to work.

"Me and Pez are very different in the way we work. It's actually really good. Pez tends to put a bit of time into his shit. Sometimes he puts a bit too much into it. He's such a perfectionist, that's just what he does. I'm the opposite of that; once one thing's done, if it sounds good I just leave it, I don't go back to it. But then when we're together we bring the best out of each other. I get him to just chill out and he gets me to become more of a perfectionist.”

360 headlines Sprung Festival at Victoria Park Saturday September 21.

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Thursday, 11 July 2013 00:00

Sprung Festival Tickets

In 2013 Sprung Festival returns to Brisbane for a third straight year; and with it a line-up boasting some of the country’s hottest hip hop acts at the moment.

Topping the bill are 360, Drapht and Seth Sentry while other interstaters include: Funkoars, Urthboy, Horrowshow, Thundamentals, Brad Strut, All Day, Purpose and Dialectrix.

The local scene is fronted by Lazy Grey, Jake Biz and DJ Dcide plus Mr Hill & Rahjconkas and Chelsea Jane.

To win a double pass to the Saturday September 21 event at Victoria Park This competition has closed
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Winners will be drawn at random at 12pm Thursday 18th July at Level 2, 192-210 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley. [Winner drawn]
2. Winners will be notified by e-mail.
3. Entrants' email address will not be used for any other purpose except the conduct of this competition.

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Good Charlotte will headline this year’s V8 Supercars ARMOR ALL Gold Coast 600.

The Madden brothers — Benji and Joel — will be joined by iconic rockers The Living End, Oz hip hop’s ‘it’ act 360 as well as Boys Like You, Horrorshow, Urthboy, Sietta, Purple Sneaker DJs and The Faders.

There will be concerts on Friday and Saturday nights at the Broadwater Parklands.

The V8 Supercars ARMOR ALL Gold Coast 600 takes place October 19-21.

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Friday, 08 June 2012 14:50

Crushing Cars With 360

If the rapping game gets too much for 360, he can always fall back on a job crushing cars.

The Melbourne emcee took time out prior to his appearance at Triple J’s One Night Stand in Dalby last weekend to visit the local wreckers.

The crazy thing? Triple J’s The Doctor handed 360 the keys to a crane to crush a couple of derelict vehicles. And didn't he enjoy it.



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Friday, 08 June 2012 11:49

Hermitude's Parallel Paradise

You can’t slow down the Hermitude freight train at the moment, with the lads from the Blue Mountains today releasing ‘Parallel Paradise’ — the remix CD that follows hot on the heels of album, ‘HyperParadise’.

A number of country’s hottest and uber-talented producers — including M-Phazes, Flume, Ta-Ku and Sampology — have given their unique rubs to six Hermitude bangers.

Click here to listen to Flume’s remix of ‘HyperParadise’ that’s filled with epic build-ups, swung beat work and classy synths.

This weekend Elgusto and Luke Dubs join 360's 'The Flying' tour, which lands at the Hi-Fi June 10 & 11. All shows are sold out.

‘Parallel Paradise’ digital-only EP is available on iTunes and from
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Wednesday, 06 June 2012 13:35

One Night Stand In Dalby

There isn’t another event like Triple J’s One Night Stand that does such a great job of spreading the good word of Australian music. And anyone who was within a 250km radius of Dalby on Saturday who weren’t at ONS missed out on a mud pit of fun. A very big mud pit.

Mace And The Motor took the stage to open ONS with a pretty short, but sweet set. Their last song, ‘Kicking And Screaming’, which is on Unearthed, is a real joy to behold, and while they don’t have a massive stage presence yet, they’re sure to build from here.

Images courtesy of Russell Privett


Matt Corby is one of the most hyped Aussie singer/ songwriters around at the moment, but upfront, he doesn’t do much for me. His energy on stage matched his tunes, depressed and anxious at the world around him. He did seem to perk up at the end of his set, closing with ‘Brother’ and the sound of hundreds of teenage girls screams. Rightfully so, as it was a great version.


Stonefield took the stage next, and they bought the power right back to the showgrounds. The start of their set had a couple of dropped chords here and there, but I think that can be put down to nerves, and rightfully so, with thousands upon thousands attending. From there it was awesome song after awesome song — mostly from their first EP, but with a couple of tracks from their just released EP, ‘Bad Reality’. I was pleased to hear ‘Magic Carpet Ride’, their Like A Version cover, live.

Also great was seeing Amy, the drummer and vocalist, come out from behind the drums and belt out the last few songs of the set, which gave the extra punch some of their songs need.


360 began his set as his usual, enigmatic self, complete with stunning visuals and of course his already classic rhymes. I love this guy because he says what’s on his mind — it’s always unfiltered. His DJ and right hand man, Bam Bam (a fantastic MC in his own right) and he were in fine form.


But alas, this, ladies and gentlemen, is where the night ended after torrential rain forced a premature closure to proceedings.


I can’t tell you how disappointed the crowd were — it was unmeasurable. Water got into pretty much all the electronics, wreaking havoc. Hopefully, the Js can find a way to get a full set from The Temper Trap for the people of Dalby.


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Wednesday, 23 May 2012 12:25

Seven: Free For All

Still on a high after touring the country earlier in the year with 360, local MC Seven is stoked to be heading on the road again, this time headlining his own tour.

“That was wild,” laughs Seven (aka Zach Humphrey) about the 360 tour. “It was very cool to play to crowds that are that hyped. It was sold out everywhere and they were obviously large crowds. The kids who are fans of 360 were really receptive and we had a lot of fun.”

Seven has come a long way from playing gigs at the Jubilee Hotel six years ago, when he was then known as Pursuit. “Seven's based on these things called enneagrams, which is basically an assessment of your personality that my Mum made me look at ‘cause she's a super hippie. It was a seven and it was pretty much spot on,” he says.

He demanded Australia's attention in 2010 when he won the Triple J/ M-Phazes competition with the song 'Possums', which he describes as a shock. “It was just a suggestion. I'd moved down to the Gold Coast and one of my mates from Brisbane told me to come into the studio and record something. It was pretty ad-hoc, we did it last minute and I didn't expect it to win. It felt good and it's obviously opened up a lot of doors,” he says.

Not one to care for making money, Seven has released his latest EP, 'Floated', to his fans for free. Still based on the Gold Coast, 'Floated' is a reflection of where Seven is in life, what he does, and how he has fun.

“I wanted to follow up the 'Seven' EP. [But] I don't want to make an LP until I can sit down and properly make an album, and I don't have that opportunity just yet just due to work and everything so I'll keep making EPs. We had a lot of problems with the 'Seven' EP being distributed so I didn't bother with that, I wanted to release it free and get it to as big of an audience as I possibly could.”

This approach is paying off in its own way with 'Floated' receiving a much wider response. “I'll probably keep doing EPs that are free until I do an LP. I think the scope for releasing music has changed obviously because of piracy [and] the ability to download it for free and things like Spotify; it's just taking the value out of releases anyway. If you can open up a forum where people can download it easier then you reach more people who may enjoy it. I've had a far wider response to 'Floated' than I did to 'Seven'.

“I'm not really that phased on money because if nothing works out I have a career to fall back on. I don't see why we should be putting it out for any cost.”

And how would Seven sum up his 'No Way Home' tour in one word? Fun. With Mr. Hill and Rahjconkas no longer able to make it, Purpose will join Seven on the road, along with Vegas Aces. “I try to have as much fun as possible, it'll be a bit silly. I'll be playing stuff from the 'Floated' EP that I released in February. I'm working with Mr. Hill on a new project and there are a few songs from there that we'll be doing. Mr. Hill will come to some shows with me,” he says. “We just have heaps of fun and try to get people involved as much as possible.”

Seven is well on his way to making 2012 his year, with plans for two more tours and another EP release. “It's pretty stressful but it’s good, I'm looking forward to touring again. I really like travelling around and doing shows. I think it's going to be a busy, but a good year,” he says.

Seven plays Alhambra Lounge this Friday, May 25. ‘Floated’ is available for free.
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Tuesday, 27 March 2012 14:07

Video: 360's Child

360 has had a child... well sorta.

The Melbourne emcee hasn’t been able to shake the mainstream media attention since his pseudo-beef with Short Stack exploded late last year.

Burning up the airwaves with his album, ‘Falling & Flying’, 360 has released the latest video clip from his debut effort.

‘Child’ was filmed at a skatebowl in Bondi.
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Wednesday, 21 March 2012 13:25

360: Falling With Style

He’s amassed the biggest under-age army this side of Joseph Kony, and he’s going to war. Step inside the world of 360.

“Oh, it's just insane, man,” says the rapper — whose mum calls him Matt Colwell — about the response to his sophomore LP, ‘Falling & Flying’. “It's fucking insanity. I never, ever pictured it going double platinum. Even platinum had me nearly falling over and shit, but double platinum? And it's got a chance to go triple platinum as well? It's fucking surreal. It doesn't make sense, man. It's fucking crazy.”

Not that the record’s success came as a complete surprise to anyone. 360’s fanbase, which he affectionately dubs his ‘Army’, has skewed young since the release of his first mixtape in 2008. ‘Falling & Flying’, with its pop and electro flavours, is aimed right at the heart of that crowd, as well as older heads looking for something to push the genre forward.

“That was the aim with this one,” he says, “because there are so many different genres and influences on this album, to get a different audience in there... the [producer] I was working with, Styalz Fuego, he’s a really great songwriter and he’s very up to date with current pop songs and shit like that. Working with him was great for the song structure and all that kind of shit. He was the perfect dude to work with for what I wanted to do.

“I told him I wanted to make a record that wasn't a straight-up hip hop album, a straight-ahead rap album. I wanted to do something that pushed the boundaries a little bit, something with no rules, where we just go in and make music, and wherever it takes us, that's where we go. Let's not try to make a pop album to sell records, let's not try and make a dance record, let's just make music. Whatever happens, happens. That's what 'Falling & Flying' is.”

Singles ‘Just Got Started’ and ‘Throw It Away’ (featuring Josh Pyke) led the assault on the charts, but it was ‘Boys Like You’, infused with a pop reggae vibe worthy of The Police and a gorgeous chorus from Gossling, that sent things into overdrive. He took out the Channel [V] Oz Artist of the Year award ahead of more traditional choices like Short Stack and Guy Sebastian, even starting a bizarre video feud with Short Stack in the process.

“That was just a joke! It's definitely not a genuine beef,” he protests. “I've got no problems with them whatsoever. I'm sure they're good dudes. I just got told to make a video to get people to vote for the Channel [V] Oz Artist of the Year thing, and I thought, well, what better way than to take the piss out of Short Stack? So I did, and then I just copped fucking mayhem from all these crazy little kids. It was nuts... [Their response] was pretty funny, man. Good on ‘em.”

360’s under-age army missed out on his ‘Boys Like You’ tour, and he caught hell for it. Having realised the importance of that crowd, he’s not repeating that mistake on the ‘Flying’ tour, with all-ages shows planned for most cities.

“Yeah, they're definitely important, man,” he says of his younger fanbase. “The under-ages missed out on this tour, and they were pretty pissed off about it. But we've got something special lined up for 'em for the 'Flying' tour. I think they're gonna love it. They're gonna flip for it. The under-age crowd loves every little bit of an under-age gig, so it's gonna be fun.”

For all the record sales, 360’s greatest legacy might just be the Rapper Tag. He got the ball rolling on the Aussie phenomenon in 2010, and 46 of his peers have been ‘tagged’ since (each entry sees an MC record a freestyle rap to camera before nominating the next contender).

“My favourite is Seth Sentry’s, man,” he says without hesitation. “That’s definitely my favourite one. Look, I know him personally, and that's just totally him. Flat out, that's just who he is. He's just a dude who smokes weed and plays Xbox too much. But he's really, really witty and really smart with his lyrics, and that video just summed it up beautifully. I thought he smashed it, to be honest.”

Before Rapper Tag, it was rap battling that made 360’s name, and he still keeps one foot in that scene. A recent showdown with Campbelltown MC Kerser ended with no clear victor, leaving their fans to debate the winner. But as his brand gets bigger, it’s easy to imagine a point where it won’t be worth it for 360 to keep putting his reputation on the line.

“It depends, man. It depends who I go against… I mean, I've had a lot of interest. We're talking about doing a battle in Toronto at the end of the year, and going to the UK to do battles... I love doing it. I've just gotta have enough time. I've got a battle on March 31 that I haven't really prepared for that I really, really need to prepare for. I've just gotta make sure I have the time to do it, you know?

“I want to battle people with big names. I'm not in it to battle up-and-comers and shit like that. I've gotta be smart about it. I'm not in it to battle the newest dude... it's like Kerser, back in the day. When he first wanted to battle, I didn't think he was at the point where he was ready to do it. When we got to the stage where we did decide to do the battle, I think it was perfect timing, because it built up so much hype. That's how I want to do it. Every opponent has to be smartly chosen.”

If his spoils of war are any indication, he’s picked his battles well so far.

'Falling & Flying’ is out now. 360 plays The Hi-Fi Sunday June 10 (18+) and Monday June 11 (U18 afternoon performance) - both shows are sold out. A second 18+ evening show has been announced for June 11.

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Friday, 20 January 2012 16:56

Sprung Hip Hop 2011 Video

The virgin voyage of Sprung Hip Hop festival: a storm of beats (literally) and faster-than-the-speed-of-light verses, spitting forth from the lips of some of the biggest names in Australian hip hop: Drapht, Funkoars, Illy, Pez & 360, Resin Dogs, DJ Katch, Mantra — it’s time to quit Angry Birds, warm the kettle and take a trip back in time... scroll down for the video.

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