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Fluent Form CDs

It’s no secret that Melbourne boutique hip hop label Crate Cartel have been putting out some of the purest hip hop music in the country for years now.

No one demonstrates that dedication to the movement more than Fluent Form, whose new LP ‘Flu Season’ confirms his arrival as an A-grade MC.

Produced by Must Volkoff, Geko, Discourse and L’Orange, ‘Flu Season’ is released on August 2.

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Wednesday, 24 July 2013 15:26

Crate Cartel: Cream Of The Crop

One of the founding fathers of Crate Cartel, emcee and producer Fluent Form shows us that ‘underground’ doesn’t mean ‘under appreciated’. 

“I think it's great to see Sprung Festival honing some of the more underground independent artists. I think it's really good to see that it’s not just all the radio hits that gets the radio push and the media push. For us doing it independently down the bottom, to have the opportunity to get on Sprung and really showcase our abilities to a big crowd that probably would never have heard of us before is huge. I'm definitely looking forward to it. It should be good to see how our music's received. It'll be good.”

Fluent sees the hip hop music industry as being split into two coexisting worlds: the commercial and the underground.

“Everyone's trying to better their last album so you're competing with yourself and you're also competing with other artists to keep pushing the envelope, so to speak, and keep raising the bar. You've got the underground and then you've got the more commercial acts and they're all competing with themselves with the radio push, and we're all competing with ourselves in the underground with our approach to lyricism and staying original and keeping up our style.”

The arrival of his daughter has led to a host of changes in Fluent’s life, not least his music.

“It's influenced a lot of my new album which comes out in about five weeks. Before that, I was doing a lot of the aggressive, darker stuff. I've relaxed a lot more now. Having a child does influence you because you grow up as a man, which then obviously starts reflecting in your music.”

Surrounded by music at his day job at a record store during the week, Fluent makes sure he balances life as a father and an artist.   

“I only do [tours] on the weekends. I make sure I only book shows on the weekends so I have all week to be home and then off I go next weekend to the next show.”

Crate Cartel play Sprung Brisbane at Victoria Park Saturday September 21. Fluent Form’s ‘Fluseason’ is released Aug 2.

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Tuesday, 23 April 2013 15:03

Maundz: Rascalist Behaviour

Part of Melbourne’s irrefutable hip hop collective Crate Cartel, Maundz is the outspoken rascal of Melbourne's rap-scene. Now he’s headed north this weekend’s independent hip hop feast, Stand Up.

The outspoken rascal of Melbourne's hip hop scene... what sort of rascalist behaviour has Maundz been up to lately?
Same thing different day as always yo! Top secret rascal bizzo.

Footy season is underway; how's your team tracking? September action in the tea leaves?
I actually go for Brisbane (I’m an old Fitzroy boy) so that's gotta win me some brownie points yeah?? Early days yet. The day after Stand Up I'm gonna hit the Gabba with the crew and watch us demolish the Dees, I can't wait! Let's go Lions!

You're in Japan at the moment - holidaying, work - bit of both?
Holidaying. I haven't slept in two days; gone hard in Tokyo the last few nights, and now definitely feeling the repercussions.

Is Maundz an early riser? Or do you prefer sleeping through the majority of the daylight hours?
Early riser unfortunately. Those bills and studio sessions don't pay themselves out here. I need a good sleep this arvo though for real!

Tell us a little bit about the Melbourne collective Crate Cartel?
We got Geko, Discourse, WIK, Fluent Form, Raven and myself. We've all been doing this lil hip hop thing for eons now. We do it ‘cos we love it and that's that.

CC is the team? How important to your development as an artist has Crate Cartel been?
It's been huge. The amount of work that these dudes put in to honing their craft is fucking amazing man. It's driven me to push hard and roll with the rest of the pack for sure. We're out here doing our own lil thing and trying to get the word out the best way we know how, and that's by making straight up hip hop.

You're headed to north to perform at the Stand Up event — it's a huge gathering of underground, independent hip hop. Going to be a huge night, right?
I really can't wait man, we always have a blast in Queensland. Brissie heads are my peoples! Definitely one of the nicest line-ups I've had the pleasure of getting up with. Dwiz, Gil Goon and the rest of the crew have done a number on the scene!

The interstate rivalry between the different crews; is it still part of the culture of the scene?
Love is love! If cats are salty on each other because of location they need to get their shit together and focus on the important stuff. But hey, ain't nothin wrong with city pride though, right? You gotta fly your flag.

Everyone seems to be the ‘next big thing’. Are you happy trawling away on the independent beat, letting others grab the spotlight?
I've been trawling for years now man, and that's what I'll keep doing. If things ever get bigger, dope, if not, no sweat. I can only be me. Respect from the hip hop heads is more important to me than shiny accolades anyways.

Pre-show. Is Maundz a ball of nerves, sitting in the corner focused; or the centre of attention, hyped and ready to explode?
I'm a pretty focused dude I guess. But give me a few beers and I'm ready to go balls out and wreck shop!

The next Maundz release; where are you at with another studio effort?
Just breezin’ through new beats at the moment. Working on a few little other projects with Geko and my younger brothers Afro funk band. Music music music! It don't quit.

You gotta choose between The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad — who's back you got: Rick or Walt?
Sorry world, but I think I'm still the only dude that hasn't seen either show. Randy Marsh or Moe Syzlack, now that's a fuckin noodle scratcher!

Maundz joins Lazy Grey, Kings Konekted, Tommy Illfigga, Ciecmate & Maggot Mouf and host of locals when Stand Up lands at the Hi-Fi this Saturday, April 27. The action kicks off at 2pm.

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