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Judith Lucy Tickets

Two of Australia’s funniest have joined forces for an evening of short stories, tall tales and jokes at each other’s expense.

Judith Lucy and Denise Scott are both household names – Denise is a regular, much-loved cast member on Channel Seven’s drama ‘Winners & Losers’ and guest roles on ‘Spicks And Specks’; Judith most recently from her show ‘Judith Lucy’s Spiritual Journey’ on ABC1.  

Judith and Denise on stage together is a rare treat: “Either of these performers is capable of tickling an audience pink; together, you can expect to be red raw” — The Age.

To win a double pass to the Thursday June 13 at the Brisbane Powerhouse:  This competition has closed.
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Terms and Conditions:

1. Winners will be drawn at random at 3pm Friday June 7 at Level 2, 192-210 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley. [Winner drawn]
2. Winners will be notified by e-mail. 
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Judith Lucy: Interview


Judith Lucy has been making us laugh almost forever now. Twenty years, in fact. She's racked up more than a thousand live performances and her trademark sarcastic drawl is etched into our minds. Her longevity as a comedian is proof that Australian's like their poppies short.

Growing up in the Lucy family was odd; her dad used to wear make-up and her mum was against showers. At 25 she found out she was adopted. Her sacking from 2Day FM's breakfast radio in Sydney was a low point in her career that she turned into a successful live show in 2006. “Unless I get something terminal I'm not too sure what [my next show] is gonna be about,” she joked. “I'm at the point where I really just feel like I've gotta have something to say before I write a show, so who knows. I'm kinda glad less shit things are happening to me really.”

But that doesn't mean she's gone quiet. The world around us is still going to shit, so there's no fear of her running out of material any time soon. Blacker than an emo's wardrobe and drier than her very own sex life, Lucy's comedy is still as bitey at age 40 (“the new forty”) as it has ever been.

Hitting Brisbane in June, 'Judith Lucy's Not Getting Any Younger' is her ninth solo show and first live tour since 2006. In it she talks about everything from Nicole Kidman's face to global warming. “This is probably one of my more happy-go-lucky shows. Really I just bang on about anything that has been happening to me from going to Italy with my birth mother last year to stuff that is either pissing me off or that I'm concerned about.” She even busts out a show-stopping tune at the end, despite claiming to have absolutely no talent in that area.

So what does she have to say about the trip with her birth mum? Well you will have to see the show, but she did share that it helped her realise certain things about her personality. “It certainly confirmed for me that I'm an optimist, because despite the fact that we were sharing a room I actually took a packet of condoms on the trip,” she laughed. “I loved looking at them every day when I opened the case. Just that little reminder that you're in one of the most romantic countries in the world with your 70 year old mother. Well done.”

Naturally the subject of getting older gets the Lucy treatment too, but not just in a negative light. “I suppose if the show does have a theme it's that we're all going to die so let's go with smiles on our faces. Which I guess is quite an upbeat theme for me.”

As her career is built on being outspoken and sarcastic and laughing in the face of femininity, her love life has always suffered in proportion with her comedic success. “I'll tell you this for free and this is an international phenomenon,” she offers. “Male comedians pick women up like there is no tomorrow. Female comedians can't pick up men to save themselves. In 20 years I have never had a man approach me [after a show], whereas men tend to beat them off with a stick.” 

And while men can talk about their penises all day without getting a reaction, “if one woman cracks a joke about her vagina it's like 'oh that's all women talk about'” .

But a lot has changed since she started out in 1989 and the double standard isn't as apparent as it used to be. “The really disappointing thing about it is that it hasn't changed, it's still very difficult for me to get lucky,” she laments.  “I think it's just that some men think if you've got an opinion you must wanna tear their balls off. And I have got, admittedly, a cupboard full of pickled testicles.”

Judith Lucy's ‘Not Getting Any Younger' is at the Brisbane Powerhouse from June 2-21. Go to for more info

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