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Metro Arts: Call For Entrants

Metro Arts is seeking performance-makers who are brave and curious, and who are leading the way with asking ‘what next?’ If you have a new work that needs incubating, an idea or a concept that needs to grow, apply now to be supported across the various  program streams encourages Kieran Swann, the Programming Manager (Performance) at Metro Arts.

Q: How did this all come about?  
For 2013, Metro Arts is excited to engage with whole new communities of artists and audiences. That’s why the decision to make two calls for applications each year came about — and why we’re now looking for new projects to bring to life in the second half of 2013.

Q: What are Metro Arts looking for in new works and in new performance-makers?
We’re looking for new ideas, artists experimenting and pushing themselves to explore within their practice. That can mean artists at all stages of their careers, and across all types of performance.

Q: Is there anything to be avoided if you are a budding young  performance-maker?
We want to encourage young artists to always be curious, be brave, open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. Be interested in collaborating with new partners, don’t be afraid to grow their practice and engage with their audience. Avoid being afraid to do all that. 

Q: What makes a work compelling?  
A well-investigated idea, with a well-considered execution, makes a work compelling. It understands and responds to its context and what it is trying to say. It has currency, and it engages its audience. It communicates. 

Q: Who have been involved in the past? Has anyone gone on to a glorified career?

Metro Arts has a very long history, and we’ve worked with many artists at different stages of their careers. Our artists have gone on to renowned work all around the country — and all around the world. It’s probably harder to find someone who hasn’t been in our building at some point.

Q: Why are the Arts so important and why should they be supported?
Because we want to live in a vibrant city! The arts fill a city with events, with activity, with a whole range of different voices articulating how they see the world.

Q: What is the talent like in Brisbane in regards to creatives?
Works made in Brisbane are travelling around Australia and the world. Our artists really are of international quality now — and you don’t have to travel outside the city to see them.

Q: Anything else readers should know?
Come and have a chat with us. Actually, come and SEE what we’re doing. 2013 is full of opportunities to check out what’s going on at Metro Arts. You could be part of it.

Applications close 5pm, February 22. Check out for all the details.
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Wednesday, 04 May 2011 14:51

Love Let Me Out

Theatre in Preview

Who can do a believable fake orgasm? You don’t have to put your hands up and admit it out loud but if you want to compare styles or pick up some tips, perhaps head to the newest production at Metro Arts ‘Love Let Me Out’.

A thought-provoking play written by Craig Hearps and directed by Iris Ray Nunn, ‘Love Let Me Out’ stars Belinda Small as Abigail, an actor who amongst other things, has mastered the art of faking an orgasm – for her sexually-explicit role in this production.

Q: Have you played anything like this before? How scary do you think opening night will be?
I previously performed in the ‘Vagina Monologues’ so it's not the first time I have talked about my anatomy on stage. Although I haven't had to orgasm in public before so that’s been a challenge. Opening night will be fun - that's when you throw caution to the wind and hope to hell you get it right.

Q: Your initial reaction to being part of a sex scene?
I avoided thinking about it. Denial works fantastically for me.

Q: What mental and physical preparation did you undertake for this role?
Right now I'm thinking sit ups would have been better preparation than eating chocolate. Damn! Mentally I just had to think about what it is like to reunite with an ex, not that I have ever done that before in real life.

Q: Do you think about the audiences' reaction when you act out the sex scene?
Hopefully, they will be drawn into the story so that won't be the main focus. But if they aren't already into the story, it may help.

Q: Are you drawing on any real life experiences to play this character?
Not specifically although it's not difficult to relate to loving someone and being scared if they are the right person for you.

Q: What goes on behind the scenes in a production like this?
A hell of a lot of work, whinging, whining and tantrums.

Q: What have you learnt about life and about yourself from playing this role?
I've gotten pretty good at faking orgasms.

‘Love Let Me Out’ is on at Metro Arts until May 14.

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