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Michelle Xen Tickets

With equal parts dark & light, Michelle Xen’s music soars and dips through pulsing basslines, energetic dance moves, powerful military precision drums, and operatic vocal harmonies to simultaneously deliver heartbreak & ecstasy. 'Lose My Cool'  is a brand new track released in support of her Brisbane showcase gig at Alhambra with MKO and Scraps Friday May 31.

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1. Winner will be drawn at random at 2:01pm Tuesday 28th May at Level 2, 192-210 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley. 

2. Winner will be notified by e-mail. 

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Wednesday, 22 May 2013 14:35

Michelle Xen: Cleopatra Coming At Ya

Visual artist and electro-pop singer Michelle Xen has had major projects lined up for her since the release of her solo debut EP, ‘Synaesthesiac’.

“The EP was the first solo songs that I'd written and it was released last November," Michelle Xen says. "I had the opportunity to rapidly accelerate my songwriting and production skills through that ground, working with some really amazing producers. It's a collection of the beginnings of being a solo writer — really pushing around sounds and ideas and really experimenting with what the sound would become."

Prior to embarking on a solo career, Michelle was gigging with electronic dance act Edge Of Colour, but decided she wanted to play in a live band.

“I wanted to create a crazy live show and it's a different thing to do that electronically. I think you can have that energy but it's a lot more work and you need a lot more technical ability. So for me, going solo has been the best thing because I can finally do this crazy live show."

The visual artist is known for playing around with icons and images as part of her musical acts, and most recently she's been acting out as Cleopatra.

"With the Cleopatra evocation it was kind of playing around with an image and playing with an icon that has been adapted in television, films and fashion. I wanted to kind of claim it and play with it a little bit. The historical figure is so interesting and has such an incredible history but then to use that in pop, it kind of repurposes it. I just wanted to see what that felt like and it was basically an experiment. It was a great excuse to use big drums, and creating a big sound around that."

The Brisbane-based singer is known for putting out extravagant live shows as well as music videos, and says her image is a part of the creative process.

"To me, because I come from a visual art training, it's part of the song. Image is a part of my process. When people describe it for you, you go ‘okay’. I guess it's highly visual. It's very saturated and kind of dense. It's high energy and malleable. For me the image is actually another tool, another kind of creative process, I can mess with it and revise it. It's another material in a way. I use the image of Michelle Xen and the band as another material, like sound, costume, colour. Image is something that is malleable and that I can play with."

Michelle is now merging together with her local super group Michelle Xen + The Neon Wild for an exclusive reinterpretation of 'Synaesthesiac'.

"Each of the musicians in themselves are quite extraordinary, they have other groups. They don't write the songs, but they come in and reinterpret them and bring them to life. I want them to move things around and tell me what they want to do on stage. I let them run wild on stage. It's a well rehearsed interpretation of the songs that I produce. It's been awesome to have them onboard, because then that feeds back into the production of the songs. My next song, 'Loose My Cool', which will be out for [the] Alhambra [show], features my keyboardist. You see other possibilities in your own songs, I love that. It's like it becomes new again."

Michelle and The Neon Wild are now preparing to run amok across Australia.

"There's some weird chemistry in the band that just happened. We're trying to develop it and make it ready for the shows. After every rehearsal I go ‘and that is why I do what I do’. You get together with people and make the sound come alive and perform them and you go, ‘OK, everything makes sense’.”

Michelle Xen plays Alhambra Friday May 31. ‘Lose My Cool’ is out now.

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Wednesday, 07 November 2012 14:44

Michelle Xen: Step Into The Future

Electro pop newcomer Michelle Xen has never worked so hard as she gears up for her live performances as part of Lady Electronica and her debut EP release.

The Lady Electronica collective includes colourful members of the futuristic pop/ folk/ electro genre: Carly Dickenson, Donna Hewitt and Rose Carrousel. The ladies came together for a collaborative performance in 2010 and decided there was much more to be prodded, developed and explored. They applied for and received a Brisbane Government funded grant and have been going strong since.

“To come together with like-minded people and work in a group makes things easier as we provide support for each other and continuously develop our production skills,” Michelle says. “We improved rapidly in the studio, from being not really confident to feeling like normal professional artists.”

As well as helping each other out, who better to get involved to work behind the scenes and reinforce confidence than industry heavy hitters Goyte (Wally DeBacker) and Quan Yeomans (Regurgitator)?

“We were really amazed and grateful that these guys still honoured their commitments to the project. They just listened to a few tracks and gave feedback on everything from lyrics to chord progressions or arrangements because they work in similar ways, so it was very applicable.”

As a punter, it’s hard to know what to expect from a Lady Electronica show.

“It's like four live shows and we all have different sounds. What we have in common is that we all use organic elements but also we use technology to construct other aspects of our acts.”

As an exciting bonus for punters, Michelle will release her debut EP, ‘Synaesthesia’, at Lady Electronica.

“I definitely made this music EP to try and bring together this visual world and this audio world, that I personally inhabit. I wanted to create it for other people to experience too. It's been a mega crazy year but I totally signed up to that and I'm ok with it. I constantly struggle to think of what I'd be doing if it wasn't this.”

Lady Electronica Perform At Judith Wright Centre November 9-10.

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