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Mobin Master Tickets

After producing what’s now become one of the biggest club anthems, ‘Show Me Love’, Mobin Master is back (with Tate Strauss & Polina) on the ethereal and hypnotic track ‘Dreams’.

‘Dreams’ is a driving rhythmic barrage of kick drums, pelvic shaking bass and a soaring, with an uplifting melodious hook that sonically complements the sentiment expressed by Polina’s honest, heartfelt pledge to her lover.

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Wednesday, 24 October 2012 15:03

Mobin Master: Master and Commander

Mobin Master is about to inundate the airwaves.

The prolific musician/DJ/ producer, best known for the 2008 mega-hit 'Show Me Love', has been in relative hibernation recently, working on a number of new tracks.

“I've sort of hidden myself away a little bit and done less gigs over the last year. Rather than playing every single week I've just been spending time in the studio and trying to nail the sound and all the productions are basically about to roll out over this summer.

“I'm constantly working on new stuff… I think the environment’s changed such that old school record label thought was 'you can only have one track out at a time' but I'm just about, in the next month or two, to bombard the market.”

With the behemoth success of ‘Show Me Love’ to live up to, others might fold under the weight of expectation. Master takes a much more indifferent approach.

“When you're an artist you don't just make hits, and if you put yourself under pressure to make a hit it’s not gonna be a hit, it’s gonna sound contrived and not real. That's why, even more so now than ever, I'm just doing what I like but still appealing to the dancefloor, but I don't take too many opinions and commercial opinions and radio opinions into consideration at all anymore. I don't care.”

Perhaps his indifference to irrelevant opinions comes from his experience as a maligned musical rebel in his youth.

“I got kicked out of classical training from drum class, from piano class because they said I was using my ear too much and making it up… and improvising, so I continued on by teaching myself chord structure and learnt from a next door neighbour.”

When not working on his own musical endeavours, Mobin is busy championing the next generation of dance talents under the patronage of his Safari label.

“I feel that the Australian artists need to be supported, especially the electronic artists need to be supported more than they are particularly on commercial radio. But it is the biggest sound and interestingly pop labels and major labels are now cashing in on dance music but they don't really know how to deal with club promotion and DJs etc, so it’s an interesting time right now.”

Mobin Master plays Launch Music Festival, at Rumours International Convention Centre Toowoomba, Oct. 27.

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Wednesday, 02 June 2010 10:27

Mobin Master Interview

Show Me Love

Mobin Master is widely regarded as one of Australia’s foremost producers. And making his decision to enter the music world wasn’t a difficult one.

“I was actually brought up on music,” he says. “My father is Iranian and he wasn't allowed to get into music - things like singing and dancing were frowned upon in that political regime - but we won't go into that side of things! But he encouraged us to get into music and enjoy piano lessons but I got booted out of that!

“So that's where it all started; a long time ago my father bought me a $1000 keyboard, which was great - I was well into that. Then I bought a synth and got really into that and taught myself guitar, and then (I) played bass in a band and did some singing and things like that. I only got into dance music later on.”

Indeed, he got into it properly, as his signature track, ‘Show Me Love’, spent a record 52 weeks in the ARIA charts.

“You don't really expect to be successful; you don't expect to achieve anything really. What I do, which is different to a lot of producers out there, is that I ask friends and musicians to check out what I'm doing and if that isn't happening I'll go back to the drawing board. It's also important to check things in the clubs - I still love going out! And ‘Show Me Love’, I mean that was just amazing. I still go into clubs now and I hear it playing. Of course I didn't expect it to be this popular, but the fact it was and still is, is great.”

Today, he is all about getting exposure. “Basically I want my music to be heard. My ambition is actually to work on newer stuff that has more meaning on the lyrical side, something that might move people. I want to tell a story in my music. I'll be working on that in the second album I hope. It will be a tribute to the 1990s; like the first one, I'll have vocals and instruments and try and do it from a musician's point of view. It's got hooks and elements of dance in there; and some of the other tracks have a whole bunch of jazz musicians that I directed. I have a great deal of respect for musicians; musos are amazing at what they do. I even had a guy who played one of my tracks - he has a master’s degree in music so he's great!”

So now that the ‘Get Lucky’ debut album is out, he is already thinking about his next studio project.

“In terms of what is coming up, I think the basic premise for the first album is that it's a stepping stone; people have shown me love and it will consolidate how people know me. The second album will be in a dance vein but it will have somewhere between ten to 12 full vocal tracks in there; we might be working with Jan Johnston who has worked with Paul van Dyk and John Digweed. She has a really angelic kind of voice and I think she will be great.

“I've got another friend who has been under my nose for years who is just a genius. I'm not good at lyrics, but once we sat down in the studio and he came up with this great idea in about 15 minutes. It was a song about a girl who was in love with this guy; now we've written something like 15-20 tracks and we have to work out what's coming out on the new album. The key is to have lyrics which can relate to dance music and give some meaning - guys like Armin are really good at doing that.”

As for his upcoming tour, Mobin says that basically, it will be a DJ set with Karina Chavez singing some verses.

“We will do three tracks live off the album as well as a lot of new tunes and remixes with newer versions that we will roll out in the next couple of months. We look forward to seeing all of our friends and fans around the country!”

Catch Mobin MasteR with Karina Chavez at The Met Friday June 11 for the Playboy Club 50th Anniversary party.

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