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The Beards' Tickets

“People living in developed countries are more susceptible to shaving,” says The Beards’ frontman, Johann Beardraven. “They are a high risk group, so it's important for our message to reach them before it's too late.”

The Beards are currently touring ‘The First World Tour’, with Queensland on their radar this week. “The message is: grow a beard,” Beardraven says.

To win one of three double passes to The Beards Hi-Fi show this Friday, June 21. This competition has closed.
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Wednesday, 13 February 2013 14:32

The Beards: Hair, There And Everywhere

Facial hair aficionados rejoice! The bearded bad boys of comedy folk rock, The Beards, are back with a new album and live show that promises to be a hair-raising good time.

Since gaining a cult following after their 2005 debut, The Beards have become well-respected members of the beard and moustache community, even being invited to perform at the opening ceremony of the World Beard & Moustache Championships in Alaska last year. Nathaniel Beard stepped back from the mirror to answer the following questions.

What was it about the beard that inspired you to write beard-themed music?

We used to be a different band that didn't play songs about beards, and the whole time something just felt wrong. During our time in that band we all grew beards, and things started improving for us — life suddenly seemed to make sense. I guess a beard completes a man, and it's that feeling of completion and satisfaction that inspires us.

How does beard-related humour translate to overseas audiences?

We'll be finding out this year. To many people, myself included, having a beard is no joke. I don't mind if they laugh at the songs or even like the music – so long as they have beards, or are at least open to the idea of having a beard.  

So far you’ve released three albums. How much further can The Beards go with beard humour?

I would say a lot further. We haven't even begun to truly articulate just how much we enjoy beards. We've been writing a bunch of new songs about beards lately. We really do have an extensive amount of things to say about beards. The hardest part is that I think we will eventually run out of words that rhyme with beard... that might eventually become a problem.

Are you surprised at the success you have had?

Definitely. We started this band because we liked beards, and we just felt the need to put that out there. Turns out a lot of people like beards. There are so many people out there who could easily grow a beard but just never do. I hope our music can help them make the decision to give a beard a go.

What is the best beard you have ever seen?

Jack Passion's beard. He's a professional beard grower – pretty big on the international beard scene. His beard is lush, flowing and red. It captivates me, Some people say he doesn't control his beard. Some say his beard controls him. I have no idea if that's true though.

What do The Beards hope to achieve as a band?

Ideally, we would like to one day live in a world where all people have beards, and we we will not rest until that ideal has been achieved.

If The Beards had not become such a cult hit, what would you all be doing instead?

Just... having a beard I guess. Which is all any man truly needs.

Your favourite style of beard?

I'm a fan of the full natural – the Ned Kelly. It's the purest form of beard.

How do you hope to make the world a ‘more beard-friendly place’?

Every day, in almost every nation on earth, bearded men are being discriminated against. I once worked in a bottle shop. My boss asked me to shave off my beard, so I quit. Nobody has any right to tell a bearded man to shave. I for one won't take it any more. I'm making a stand and I encourage all bearded men to do the same. Don't shave for weddings either. Bearded men are constantly getting asked to remove their facial hair for a wedding. I'm not shaving for a wedding. I don't think I'd even shave to save my own life.

Where is the most beard-friendly place you have been?

It's got to be Anchorage. I think it's normally a pretty beard-friendly place, but during the World Beard & Moustache Championships, bearded people had right of way. But the attitude towards beards everywhere seems to be improving. More and more people are embracing their natural urge to grow a great beard. I'm looking forward to the day when bearded men are no longer the minority. Then we'll show them.

The Beards perform at The Parkwood Tavern Saturday February 23.
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