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Transvaal Diamond Syndicate: Estranged Blues

Purveyors of original blues, Transvaal Diamond Syndicate bring an energetic, dancey vibe to a genre known for its melancholy.

“I love to be able to get to the stage where I'm making a living through my art alone,” guitarist, vocalist and percussionist Christian Tryhorn says. “You have to cut your teeth in the Australian music industry. It's one of the hardest places in the world to get recognised.” 

Respected as one of the hardest working bands in the country, and earning airtime on Triple J, it should come as no surprise that Transvaal Diamond Syndicate are one of the most requested acts on Australian Community Radio.

“We had a bit of a realisation at the end of [the last] tour. We played a sweet gig at Queenscliff Music Festival and were chatting to a couple of bands we look up to, and they said 'You guys are really running yourself into the ground, you need to step back and be a bit more selective about your shows’. So we're going to scale back just a little bit on touring and concentrate on playing higher end shows.”

While their fanbase is predominantly young adults, the band enjoys a wide array of fans.

“We see a range of people at our shows. Originally when we started we thought we'd appeal to the Triple J, 18 to 28 year old crowd, but we are seeing a lot of 40 to 60 year old people at the blues festivals we play. That can be mixed with ages 18 all the way though to 70.”

After two years on the road, clocking up over 200,000 kilometres in their trusty tour van, the TDS Express, the blues rockers are once again headlining a 35-date tour promoting their latest single, 'Estranged Blues', from their soon-to-be-released album.

“The album covers a wide scope of what we do, from the slower introspective blues numbers all the way through to heavy rock, with a lot of our stomping upbeat tunes in the middle.”

Transvaal Diamond Syndicate play The New Globe Theatre December 13.

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Thursday, 24 October 2013 15:57

Queensland Festival Of Blues Tickets

The Queensland Festival Of Blues is back for its fifth year with a top flight line-up of local and interstate bands.

Mojo Webb, 8 Ball Aitken, Transvaal Diamond Syndicate, The Walters, Mojo Bluesmen, Morningside Fats, Jimi Beavis Band, Moondog Gypsy Blues Band, Steve Skinner, Lazy Eye, Baton Jukes, Lockhart Ryder and Folklore will play the New Globe Theatre on Saturday November 2.

To win one of two double passes to the show This competition has closed.
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1. Winners will be drawn at random at 4pm Tuesday 29th October at Level 2, 192-210 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley. [Winners drawn]
2. Winners will be notified by e-mail. [Winners notified]
3. Entrants' email address will not be used for any other purpose except the conduct of this competition.

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