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Gareth Bryant

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Thursday, 21 November 2013 15:32

David Dallas CD & Tickets

David Dallas is one of New Zealand's most prolific rappers; and he stands for an entire country, not just a few blocks.

“I want to showcase where I'm from and explain it just because I feel like it's an interesting place and it's a place I'm proud of. I definitely have a sense of pride, especially now people from other parts of the world are going to hear this album.”

The album in question is 'Falling Into Place'. David will showcase material off this release at Alhambra December 19.

To win a copy of the album, plus a double pass to the show This competition has closed.
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1. Winner will be drawn at random at 4pm Thursday 28th November at Level 2, 192-210 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley. [Winner drawn]
2. Winner will be notified by e-mail. [Winner notified]
3. Entrants' email address will not be used for any other purpose except the conduct of this competition.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013 16:37

Neelix: Not A Trekkie

Hamburg resident Henrik Twardzik, better know to progressive trance aficionados as Neelix, returns to Brisbane this week, ten months after his debut voyage down under.

What’s the latest from the Neelix camp; any new material ready to drop?
I recently had a time of not producing and some problems in my studio, so I couldn't really produce. But I fixed that with a room correction system and managed to finish two new tracks in the last week. I will release a new EP in the near future.

The development of your sound; has much changed in the last couple of years?
I think my sound has been constantly changing for the past ten years. The very early stuff was quite psychedelic, then it went to offbeat with lots of melodies, and I just released an EP with lots of rock elements inside. I don't really notice the changes when I'm producing, but looking back it is more obvious.

Is there a typical week in the studio for you? Or do you create music more sporadically?
I produce when I can. When I have to travel all the time it’s hard for me to relax in the studio and actually produce. I need time to get into it and I like to know I have lots of time ahead to get everything done. It usually takes me a long time to produce a track! When I am working a lot in the studio I usually start at 7am and work for about 12 hours until I have a serious headache from staring at the screen. If I wasn't to tour sometimes in places like Australia or Brazil I would have skin like Gollum because I am a basement child.

As far as your artistic endeavors, how has 2013 been?
2013 has been very good. Every year you develop more and more countries which is super interesting. Some countries are going down and some are coming up. At the moment India and UK are coming up for me. Sometimes you have time to explore the country a bit as well which is nice. I definitely learned a lot more about production and got more skills. I released an EP and just finished a new EP, which will be released soon.

Trance right now; are you happy with the progress of the genre?
I am. It definitely became a bit more popular which I like. A lot of subgenres developed recently which makes it very interesting. I don't really like much of the music but that is ok.

You’re headed to Australia for the first time since last November; what are you memories of your last trip here?
It was awesome. I had a really crazy show in Melbourne and also had the chance to play in New Caledonia for the first time. My girlfriend is from Australia, so she is always keeping us very busy when we visit. At the end of this tour I'll have the chance to take my first real vacation in Australia with Hannes [Vaishiyas] and his girlfriend Claudia.

As a professional traveller, how do you cope with the many hours waiting around at airports, hotels etc?
I love waiting at airports. I really don't like stress and rushing, so if I have time to wait around it is always a good thing because I can relax and look around. I'm definitely never short of cologne.

What are you thoughts on social media; are you a fan?
I love having that platform to be creative. I have so much fun designing my banner and profile photos and changing the look of the page. Obviously it is a great way to reach new people and share music with people who like the Neelix project. On a personal level, I very rarely use my page and only have a few friends.

You mentioned in a past interview you were looking to explore pop music - have you taken this further by producing any pop material?
No, not at all. I was connected to a commercial agency because I made a few tracks for them for ads. They pushed me to go in that direction and I did produce one pop track for them. It's awful. I made a Neelix version of it called 'You And I Belong', which is still quite poppy. In the end I realised that I can only produce music that I actually like.

Your journey to become a DJ is not the traditional one — how did dance culture and electronic music escape your attention as a teenager?
I actually did listen to some very early electronic music when I was about 16, but I was too young to get into the scene. After that my friends and I all got into skateboarding and rock music. We were teenagers, so of course we thoughts that computers and electronic music were very uncool. I started producing music almost by accident when I lived with a friend [NOK] who was a producer. To be honest, I'm still not really into electronic music. If I have the choice I would always listen to Stevie Wonder or The Mamas and The Papas.

Given your name, how big a Trekkie are you?
I'm not a huge Trekkie, but of course I like the show and I used to watch it all the time. I actually just sampled the theme song in one of my new tracks… but don't tell anyone! I went recently to my first Comic-con in London and it was really fun. There were huge queues of people lining up for autographs from people like the voice of Mario and Luigi. Danny Glover was there too, but no one was lining up for him because he was charging 25 pounds. He looked pretty pissed off.

Is ‘Voyager’ your favourite incarnation of the Star Trek universe?
I think my favourite is ‘Next Generation’. I really like the characters and storylines. Realistically, I probably like it the best because I was born in the mid ‘70s and that is what I grew up watching on TV. I like ‘Voyager’ too, but I took the name Neelix mainly because ‘Voyager’ was on TV at the time I was trying to find a name for my project. I had to think of something really fast because a label had contacted me to say they would release one of my tracks on a compilation. I was never planning on doing this professionally, so when I think back to the other names I was considering I'm really glad I chose Neelix!

Is a Neelix costume your fancy dress of choice?
Definitely not. I don't like Neelix at all! Neelix is the Jar Jar Binks of ‘Star Trek’. I would probably dress as a shower like Daniel LaRusso in ‘Karate Kid’.

Neelix, supported by Tranceducer and a host of locals, plays Coniston Lane Friday September 20.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013 22:38

Freq Nasty: Super Freq

FreQ Nasty’s encyclopediac knowledge of all things dub-wise and bass heavy have made him a fixture on the global festival scene for the last decade and a half.

But in 2013, it’s the NZ-raised, US-based producer and DJ’s spiritual studies that truly excite him. “I'm reading a lot about the intersection between neuroscience and meditation,” he explains. “There are so many cutting edge areas of science that are starting to ratify the texts of Yoga and Buddhism, right down to the granular level of how the mind works and the ultimate nature of reality. I spend my time bouncing between the studio chair, meditation cushion and then push out to aeroplane, train and car seats now and again, too.  

“Making music and practising meditation are similar in that you can get some real benefits from them by doing a little bit when you can, but you have to be kind of obsessed by them to make any real progress. I'm no great master of either but I love the flow of both.”

Having developed a wealth of knowledge on the topic, FreQ Nasty now shares his meditative experiences through a series of talks with teacher Claire Thompson called ‘The Yoga Of Bass’.

“We talk about the parallels between the peak experiences that people have with music on the dance floor, and the ecstatic experiences of the meditative tradition of Yoga. People who experience these peak states in both situations come back talking about feeling fundamental oneness with everyone and everything around them, a sense of timelessness, and of being incredibly blissed out at the same time. In fact sometimes the descriptions seem almost interchangeable, so we talk about why both music and meditation can bring you to the same place, and how to have those peak experiences off the dance floor in the rest of our lives.

“The people who are interested are not really of any one kind — but mostly they LOVE music and are looking to find out why music does what it does to them, or they have some sort of spiritual practice themselves and are passionate about music and want to see how music can be brought into their spiritual practice. It also really speaks to those who have taken enough drugs to realise that there needs to be other ways of finding those highs.”

FreQ Nasty will play Rainbow Serpent Festival (and conduct 'Yoga of Bass' workshops) In Lexton, Victoria from January 24-27.

Thursday, 13 June 2013 17:45

The Great Gatsby Party Tix

Swing back in time to the Roaring Twenties with The Great Gatsby Party Friday June 14 at The Met. The night will be a mix of nostalgia and old-style Hollywood glamour paying homage to the 1920s dames and fellas, flappers and philosophers, gangsters and their molls.

To win one of two double passes: This competition has closed.
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1. Winners will be drawn at random at 1pm Friday 14th of June at Level 2, 192-210 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley. 
[Winners drawn]
2. Winners will be notified by e-mail. 
[Winners notified]
3. Winners must arrange to collect the prize from Scene Magazine's offices at Level 2, 192-210 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, prior to 5pm Friday 14th of June.

4. Entrants' e-mail address will not be usd for any other purpose except the conduct of this competition.

Wednesday, 05 June 2013 16:54

Judith Lucy Tickets

Two of Australia’s funniest have joined forces for an evening of short stories, tall tales and jokes at each other’s expense.

Judith Lucy and Denise Scott are both household names – Denise is a regular, much-loved cast member on Channel Seven’s drama ‘Winners & Losers’ and guest roles on ‘Spicks And Specks’; Judith most recently from her show ‘Judith Lucy’s Spiritual Journey’ on ABC1.  

Judith and Denise on stage together is a rare treat: “Either of these performers is capable of tickling an audience pink; together, you can expect to be red raw” — The Age.

To win a double pass to the Thursday June 13 at the Brisbane Powerhouse:  This competition has closed.
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1. Winners will be drawn at random at 3pm Friday June 7 at Level 2, 192-210 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley. [Winner drawn]
2. Winners will be notified by e-mail. 
[Winner notified]
3. Entrants' e-mail address will not be usd for any other purpose except the conduct of this competition.          

Friday, 10 May 2013 05:34

Sons Of Sin tickets

Having earned their crown as Brisbane independent theatre royalty, The Danger Ensemble prepare to unleash their most provocative work to date, Sons Of Sin, at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts in May 17-25.

Sometimes shocking and always chaotic, Sons Of Sin traverses the turbulent terrain of a post-feminist era, using a magnifying glass and nine sons to set fire to manhood in crisis.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Terms and Conditions:
1. Winner will be drawn at random at 12:01pm Thursday 16th May at Level 2, 192-210 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley.
2. Winner will be notified by e-mail.
3. Winner must arrange to collect the prize from Scene Magazine's offices at Level 2, 192-210 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, during business hours.
4. Entrants' e-mail address will not be usd for any other purpose except the conduct of this competition.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013 19:21

Vince Jones Band: Improvisation & Soul

A living legend of the Australian jazz landscape, Vince Jones will be heading north next month for the inaugural Brisbane International Jazz Festival.

Life on the road, performing to strangers — you obviously still get a buzz from it, is there much difference now in how you approach a show?
As far as playing music goes it feels better than when I was younger. I still get a buzz as you say. Five thousand gigs and thirty-eight years on the road; it’s obvious, I’m a birth to death musician.

Do you still get nervous prior to performing?
Yes I do. It’s a more contained nervousness these days. The fear of performing in front of people is overpowered by my love of singing beautiful songs and playing with the band.

The inaugural Brisbane International Jazz Festival... it’s a great addition to Australia’s jazz calendar, right?
Festivals are the best way to promote our music (jazz) to the masses. The music is portrayed in a respectful light in festival excitement mode. There is so much great music and so many great musicians in this country that need to be heard and jazz festivals are the best way to hear them.

Your idea of jazz; can you explain it in one sentence?
The key words are improvisation and interaction and soul. When you mix these elements with a song you will get an explosion of creativity.

Of all the brass instruments, the flugelhorn does standout for its appearance. Why do you enjoy the flugelhorn?
The bright sound of the trumpet doesn’t sit with me as much as the darker, richer sound of the flugelhorn. The flugel is called the horn of flight. I do love the tone of the flugel — it has a sad yet uplifting sound. I started out on the cornet in the brass band and when I was 18 I heard Miles Davis and quickly moved to the trumpet. When anyone hears Miles they get inspired to play or learn the trumpet.

The Vince Jones Band plays the International Jazz Festival at the Brisbane Powerhouse May 31.

Thursday, 31 January 2013 13:05

Diafrix: Headed To Brisbane

This Saturday night 633 Ann launches from what was the Mustang Bar. Headed north for the celebrations is Melbourne hip hop duo, Diafrix. MC Azmarino gives us the freshness.

The summer so far for Diafrix; what’s been happening?
It’s been an awesome summer so far. We have been touring and playing at some great festivals that we haven't played before, like Rainbow Serpent, Homebake, Queenscliff and ‘bout to play at Bleach Festival; we’re looking forward to that.

You guys are headed to Queensland three times in February; when are you guys relocating permanently to the Sunshine State?
Maybe not appropriate after what happened over the weekend, but I would love to live in Brissie one day, but they have to step up their coffee game before I do. 

You’ll be in Brisbane to headline the launch of 633 Ann — anything extra special planned?
We are bringing Melbourne chief rocker DJ Kayz with us; we’re looking forward to this gig. We will turn it up to proper.

Are you guys still in shock that you’ll be supporting Macklemore & Ryan Lewis next month when they tour? 
Yes! We were very stoked to have scored the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis support... I mean they are great artists and I was really happy that they picked us for their east coast run ‘cause I’m sure lots of hip hop acts put their hands up for it. I also hope will get the chance to meet them and have a chat ‘bout Air Jordans.

Overseas tours; you’ve travelled before; are you looking at further international shows this year?
I will definitely be heading to Africa this coming winter because I can't stand the cold Melbourne weather anymore!

This time next year; if everything goes according to plan, where do you want to be positioned?
I hope that we would be at a better place and position than where we are  today — don't matter if it’s a big change or small, as long as it’s positive.

Away from the stage, what do you guys enjoy?
Momo likes to ride motor bike and I enjoy a good BBQ.

Diafrix, with support from Deux, Roman and Cutloose play the 633 Ann launch party Saturday February 2.
Thursday, 22 November 2012 09:32

Vale: Ben Osborne

The West End music community lost a brother at the weekend with the passing of Ben Osborne.

Ben was a former Scene contributor as well as a well-respected DJ in the funk, hip hop, rare groove and soul scene. Ben was due to celebrate his 40th birthday with a special mashdown at his Sunday residency at Lock N Load November 25. The event will proceed with friends of Ben invited to celebrate his life. RIP, mate.
Wednesday, 12 September 2012 16:04

Bigsound 2012: Musical Chairs

This week, Fortitude Valley will be swarming with music industry, as BIGSOUND returns for two days of frenzied conference action. Then at night, the keys to the Valley will be handed over to the artists for a glut of musical activity.

There, to make sure everything goes according to plan, is Graham ‘Asho’ Ashton, BIGSOUND’s Executive Programmer.

Firstly, congrats on being re-appointed as Executive Programmer for next year’s event ... you must be chuffed to get another 12 months in the role?
Thanks mate. I'm absolutely stoked for a couple of reasons. I have a very clear picture in my head on the direction for BIGSOUND 2013 and I think it's a great call for the event to have a handover period between the programmers [AIR General Manager Nick O’Byrne takes over in 2014].

On the eve of the 2012 event ... how’s it all shaping up?
Feels great. The conference has sold out way past capacity than last year. We still have some work to do to communicate to local music fans that BIGSOUND LIVE is the best value music festival around, but we are getting there slowly.

The Brisbane music community ... does BIGSOUND define the local scene? Or is it more an opportunity for Brisbane to showcase the city’s musical talent to the rest of the country?
The artists define the local scene and have done since the ’50s. BIGSOUND is just a bunch of passionate music fans having a crack at making a significant statement on behalf of Queensland and Australian music. It wouldn’t matter how hard we worked or how smart we were if the artists weren't great.

Over the last couple of years, the conference has mushroomed in popularity, both with industry participants and the general public ... how important is it that Australia has an event like BIGSOUND in its own backyard? And on that note, that it happens in Queensland?
It's vital that Australia has a proper gathering of the tribe for it's music community, and BIGSOUND has become that event and why not have it in Brisbane in the spring?

Brisbane as an important music hub ...  we're no longer the second cousins from up north?
It's cyclical and it comes down to the artists. Brisbane music shone brightly in the ’70s, ’90s and Queensland music is shining brightly again now. Some of the most exciting artists are coming from regional areas, which is really interesting to me.

Two nights of live music across numerous venues around the Valley ... it’s going to be pure madness for the music purists?
I see it is an opportunity to see a few songs each from dozens of artists that interest me. Kinda like dating before consummating.
Who are some of the unknowns this year who you expect to become household names over the next 12-24 months?
I certainly have my theories on that one, but will take the fifth.

The calibre of conference speakers and artists in 2012; you must be pleased to have such names on the bill: Ball Park Music, Clare Bowditch, Oh Mercy (Little BIGSOUND), David Bridie, Ian Haug, Ben Lee, Mark Poston (EMI)?
It's a wonderful line-up. You forget to mention MR STEVE EARLE.

From an international perspective, does BIGSOUND rate ... are we on the global musical map?
Absolutely! I travel all over the world going to these kind of events and I’m constantly humbled by the global reputations of BIGSOUND.

An event like South By Southwest in the US ... do you draw a lot from how it is organised and promoted when planning BIGSOUND?
It's like anything, you learn what to do and what not to do.

In five years; how do you expect BIGSOUND to have developed in that time?
I think consolidated growth is really important. I would like to see us eventually move over the other side of Wickham Tce and to extend to 150 bands over 15 venues. I would love to see 20 international bands make up that 150 and the event to continue to be the must attend event for good people of the global music community.

BIGSOUND takes place at numerous Fortitude Valley venues Wednesday and Thursday Sep. 12-13.

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