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Thursday, 24 October 2013 17:34

The Butler Tickets

Inspired by true events, 'The Butler' tells the story of chief White House butler Cecil Gaines (Forest Whitaker) who served eight American presidents over three decades.

Working intimately with these world leaders, from this unique vantage point, Cecil witnessed radical transformations in American history.

The all-star cast includes Oprah Winfrey, John Cusack, Vanessa Redgrave and Robin Williams.

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Thursday, 24 October 2013 16:53

Video Games Unplugged Double Pass

In 'Video Games Unplugged: Symphony Of Legends', the Queensland Symphony Orchestra will play music from some of the greatest games ever made.

“Video games can be a very adult thing, and a very exploratory thing, and a very beautiful thing,” says host and American cartoonist, Kris Straub.

'Video Games Unplugged: Symphony Of Legends' will be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on Saturday November 23.

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Thursday, 24 October 2013 16:21

Jordie Lane Double Pass

Melbourne troubadour Jordie Lane (of ‘Blood Thinner’ and ‘Fool For Love’ fame) relocated to Los Angeles earlier this year, and his absence has made Aussie hearts grow even fonder.

His new EP, ‘Not Built To Last’ — written and recorded over two months in LA — is finally out now, and he’ll play Black Bear Lodge on Friday November 1 to celebrate.

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Thursday, 24 October 2013 15:57

Queensland Festival Of Blues Tickets

The Queensland Festival Of Blues is back for its fifth year with a top flight line-up of local and interstate bands.

Mojo Webb, 8 Ball Aitken, Transvaal Diamond Syndicate, The Walters, Mojo Bluesmen, Morningside Fats, Jimi Beavis Band, Moondog Gypsy Blues Band, Steve Skinner, Lazy Eye, Baton Jukes, Lockhart Ryder and Folklore will play the New Globe Theatre on Saturday November 2.

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Wednesday, 23 October 2013 15:31

Sweet Carmen: Dance In Preview

The entrancingly torrid story of 'Carmen', the free-spirited and volatile femme fatale, has been performed the world over and sits right at home among some of the most beloved performances in the dance world. This time though, there's a twist.

From the brilliant mind of award-winning choreographer Natalie Weir, 'Carmen Sweet' takes all the fire and passion that defines the original production and transforms it into a contemporary performance.

“In your traditional classic 'Carmen', it's the one central character of Carmen. It's just one person whereas in Natalie Weir's version there are actually three different versions of Carmen,” dancer Michelle Barnett says.

“It's extremely fun. The music is incredible, the costumes, sets, every aspect just works really well. It's amazing.”

While still including a traditional portrayal of the title character, this unique rendition also interweaves two more depictions of Carmen, focussing on various aspects of the character's identity.

“Elise May plays, in my eyes, the classic Carmen and then Rhiannon [McLean] takes on a different interpretation — there's a different aspect of Carmen's personality traits in her performance. So she's playful and she's cunning and she's really very flirtatious. Then the Carmen I play is a bit more boisterous and fierce and she doesn't want to show her softer side, she's in control.”

Over time there's been only a handful of productions that have stood the test of time. 'Romeo and Juliet', 'Swan Lake' and 'The Nutcracker' are just a few that come to mind.

'Carmen Suite', renowned and often defined by its raw emotional quality and strong sexual overtones has become one of the long-standing classics in the dance industry. Tragic and passionate, it's a production that has incredible longevity and is still regarded as exceptional.

“I think there’re quite a few different possible interpretations of it and I think a lot of people can relate to Carmen as well. I mean, it's a great story, like 'Romeo and Juliet', everyone kind of knows what the story is and I think there's so many different avenues you can go down to explore it. Also, the music is really important and everyone loves it.”

Working outside the constructs of the established interpretation, Natalie Weir has brought exuberance and ingenuity to the production.

Acclaimed for her organic movement style, she's provided the dancers with the kind of creative license rarely given in a professional dance production.

Free to adapt the performance to their abilities, her creative process has the potential to ensure all the performers are exploiting their strengths and can explore their roles both physically and conceptually to a fuller extent.

“She gives you a lot of your own freedom and you can use your own style and she might say 'how about, maybe, if you do this' but she always comes back to your style. I don't know many people that work the way she does, there's not too much task work actually.

"She wants the movement to come out of your body and she wants to work with what comes out of you naturally. I think she's extremely intelligent and is very clever in the way she does it.”

Without any doubt 'Carmen' is a cornucopia of powerful emotion — seduction, lust, jealousy, love and revenge all play pivotal roles in this incredibly raw story.

It has always been praised by critics for the way these intense themes are portrayed and presented and now Natalie Weir's interpretation is garnering similar acclaim. With this monumental story being approached with fresh eyes and a fresh concept, it looks set to be a memorable and fabulous show.

“My favourite production I've been in? Honestly, probably 'Carmen'. It's just incredible.”

'Carmen Sweet' is to be performed at the Cremorne Theatre, QPAC October 31 – November 2.

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Wednesday, 23 October 2013 15:26

Kolors: Leading A Double Life

Jess Hatzis and Melinda Hall are leading a double life.

By day they are businesswomen, running their own copywriting agencies in Melbourne. At night, they transform into Kolors, a tech-house and mash-up duo gaining national and international respect in a scene that’s dominated by males and sexualised female ‘pop star DJs’. These are busy girls, and they don’t plan to slow down anytime soon.

“It would be silly to slow down now, we’ve been given such an amazing opportunity. Some people work so hard for the opportunities that we’ve been given, so we want to make the most of it while we can,” Jess confirms.

The story of Kolors only began a couple of years ago, after the former school friends found that their paths were continuously crossing.

“I had started playing out of general interest a few years ago and Grant Smillie [TV Rock], who runs the 360 Agency, really wanted to have a female duo to see how it would go. Mel’s always worked in the music industry, so I kind of floated the idea by her and gave her a bit of a [DJing] crash course.

“We played our first gig a few weeks later at the ‘American Pie’ movie premiere, which was pretty crazy. It kind of just snowballed from there. We started working our way up in the club scene and were in the right place at the right time. You see people who have been working their asses off for years and who are amazing DJs and producers, but it’s so about timing and happening to be playing at the right clubs with the right people there.”

If the story were left here, you would be forgiven for rolling your eyes at the archetypal cliché of it all. Young, attractive girls getting a leg up in an already over-saturated industry without having to provide any proof of talent, or level of musicality comparable to your local kindergarten recorder ensemble.

It’s just not the case with these two ladies, however, whose hard work and no bullshit attitudes towards their place in the music industry has set them apart from the current trend of sticking glamour models behind the decks in the name of making a quick buck.

“DJing did start as a side project because we both love music so much, but we’ve got it to a point where it’s a 50/ 50 split with our day jobs. It’s been a massive year; we’ve spent a lot of time touring. We’d finish in the office on Friday, then get on a plane and fly to Asia, play a gig, fly home and end up at the office again five hours later on the Monday. It’s been intense.”

Inspiration for the duo is found locally.

“We have a lot of love for the girls who are doing really well. Anna Lunoe has been an idol for us since we both began; we love how she has never succumbed to sexualising herself. She’s just really good at what she does and owns it. It’s the same with Alison Wonderland, who’s a friend of ours. She’s been doing so well and just pouring her heart and soul into it. It’s so nice to see local girls getting the credit that they deserve.”

Whatever the future holds, Jess knows it’s going to be jam-packed.

“We’ve had a small break over the last few weeks, but we’ve been in the studio and will continue to be over the summer. We’re really honing into the deeper, techy sound that we love and will finally start producing our own stuff. Festival season is coming up, which will keep us busy and on the road.

“We’re really lucky that we have a relationship where we are like sisters or best friends. We typically drink a lot of coffee and wine and eat a lot of cheese and act like idiots around each other. The only argument we’ve had is why Mel doesn’t like Twisties and I’m obsessed with them. You learn to love each other’s weird little habits. Otherwise you would kill each other.”

Kolors play Capulet October 26.

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Wednesday, 23 October 2013 15:22

Gossling: A Golden Harvest

After releasing three EPs independently, Melbourne songstress Helen Croome, aka Gossling, has signed to record label Dew Process, and is set to release her highly-anticipated debut album, ‘Harvest Of Gold’.

“It comes out on the 1st of November and it’s my first album,” Helen says excitedly. “I’ve made three EPs so I felt ready to make an album.”

Working alongside producer John Castle, Helen says she has branched out musically to incorporate new instruments and sounds as well as different musical styles.

“There are definitely different sounds on this album,” Helen says. “My EPs are kind of more acoustic, folky kind of stuff, and with this album we’ve introduced synths and electronic sounds and highly different aesthetics, which I’ve always wanted to do but it took me until I made this album to be able to do it. Also the songs that I was writing for the album lent themselves to that aesthetic, so it all kind of came together.”

Helen explains how John’s approach to recording and production helped her explore new sonic territory, capturing the sound she wanted for ‘Harvest Of Gold’. 

“Usually in the past when I’ve recorded we put drums and bass down, then they are the foundations for the track and everything gets laid on top of that. Whereas John likes to work in the opposite way and put down more of the synths and keyboards, that sort of thing. So the guys playing the drums and bass have something to play to and they get more of a vibe and a feel for the song, which makes complete sense to me and I have no idea why I worked in the opposite way for all the other recordings.”

‘Harvest Of Gold’ represents a major step forward for Gossling, who hopes it will demonstrate how she has progressed, both as an artist and a performer.   

“I wanted to make sure I keep progressing as an artist, but at the same time not alienate anyone that’s been a fan in the past, and make sure [that] I can take them along with me.”

Helen says her progression as a musician can be seen most in her live performances. “I think the ways I have progressed is more to do with the live shows and the fact that I’ve become more comfortable onstage, and it’s a much more enjoyable thing for me now to perform live. I used to not really enjoy it very much, but I’ve now learnt to embrace it and I guess I’ve progressed in that way. I don’t know if my songwriting has progressed; it’s hard to say whether I’ve become a different songwriter, or I’m just writing different material.”

After spending the past few weeks performing their first overseas shows in London and New York City, Helen and her band are due back in Australia next month for a run of sideshows to promote ‘Harvest Of Gold’.

“These are the first shows that we’re going to be playing the new album live. We played Bigsound a few months ago in Brisbane and debuted a bunch of stuff there. We’ve been dealing with how to play the new material live. It’s meant that we’ve had to think about different instruments and figuring out who plays which part and breaking it all down. It’s been a bit of a challenge, but it just means that I’m playing different instruments.”

With a stack of new material at her disposal, Helen is looking forward to changing up the live shows and giving audiences a more varied performance.

“It’s awesome because I’ve been gagging to have new tracks in our setlist; now we’ve got more of a catalogue to choose from we can tailor different sets to different shows.”

Helen has also been honing her stagecraft, working on some new skills to impress her fans and further demonstrate her growth as a live performer. Some might even say she’s ‘taking a stand’.

“This doesn’t sound all that dramatic but I’ve been working on, instead of sitting down to play keys, I have a keyboard I stand up and play. I know that sounds pretty pathetic,” she laughs, “but to stand up and play an instrument is quite different.”       

‘Harvest Of Gold’ is released November 1. Gossling plays Alhambra Lounge November 15 and The Falls Byron December 31 - January 3.

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Wednesday, 23 October 2013 15:17

Cut Copy: Spiritual Mind Journey

“Spiritual. Mind. Journey.” These are the three words that Cut Copy’s drummer Mitchell Scott uses to describe their latest album, ‘Free Your Mind’.

“'Free Your Mind' isn't a concept record exactly, but I guess as we were working on the songs, themes of positivity and connection with music culture, partly from the acid house culture in Britain, and the rave culture, [became] an element of it. It was a time where music brought people together from separate scenes and allowed them to exist in this strange, underground way. That was a large part of it,” Mitchell explains.

American producer Dave Fridmann, who has worked with the likes of Tame Impala, MGMT and The Flaming Lips, mixed the record for Cut Copy, and his psychedelic influence is noticeable.

“It was awesome [working with Dave]. We really got a lot out of that process … He really brings a lot to the process of mixing. He'd often go off on these little tangents in terms of adding in some weird sounds or really bringing out some weird sounds in the record. Often that's the last thing you want, is someone really injecting something into that stage of the process.

“[But] we really found that where he tried something weird or where he tried to inject some personality, more often than not [it was] something that we were really onside with. I think he made a real impact on the record.

“[Psychedelic sounds] where something that kind of appealed to us and I guess it's a part of that intersection between dance music and rock music and the house movement... and [we found] a real nice connection that way.

“That was just something that came out … in writing these songs and working them up, and partly for that reason we thought that Dave might be somebody who could really bring something to the record. Even though it's a lot more dance-focused than a lot of the stuff that he has worked on in the past, we thought he really might be able to bring out some of these really cool elements.”

Mitchell goes on to explain that while Cut Copy's music definitely has an element of 'dance' to it, it goes a lot deeper than that.

“Dance music and club culture and drug use can be fairly intertwined and I guess that's part of dance music culture. [There are] fun things about dance music and being in a club and dancing and all moving together as a crowd. Dance music production is really geared to getting that interaction with [the] crowd, and I think all that stuff works even better on drugs.

“[But] I think that the music that we make and the music that we're inspired to make and listen to incorporates elements of dance music, but it's always in a way that's rewarding to listen to as an album and as a group of songs. It's not just straight up beats to dance to.

“What we try to write are actual songs that are worth listening to at home. And I know that in my formative and teenage years and beyond I was never really into going out to clubs and dancing, so it would seem weird for me to make music that only works in a club.

We like to make something that works just as well taken out of that context.”

With a date with one of Australia’s biggest dance festivals already locked in for March, there’s a glimmer of hope Cut Copy might be planning a national headlining tour beforehand.

“We're doing Future Music Festival, but after that we're still trying to lock things down. We don't have a headline tour of our own yet that we've confirmed, but I am hopeful that around the start of next year sometime, our summer, that we'll be able to get some Australian touring in.”

Cut Copy play Future Music Festival at RNA Showgrounds March 1. ‘Free Your Mind’ is released November 1.

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Wednesday, 23 October 2013 15:03

Mr Hill & Rahjconkas: Top Five Eateries

1. 5 Dogs — Brisbane, Brunswick St Mall. I bloody love this place. Nine times outta ten you'll catch me there after a show smashing a big New York hot dog and chilli fries. Good manly portions too.

2. Pizza Inn — Terrigal, NSW. This place is legit. Massive beer garden across the road. After midnight they do these things called instants, where they have heaps of smaller pizzas ready to go for the vultures spilling from the pub. Nom as.

3. Meryland — Melbourne. One of the best burgers I've ever eaten. Located inside the Crown Casino. Don't ask me how we found it. Some proper feeds in this joint. Also, get the onion rings too. Thank me later.

4. Pho Hung — Sunnybank. I grew up near this place and discovered the greatest noodle soup with crispy chicken I've ever had. It's a tad hard to get to because it's not in the city, but I feel a lot better after eating this compared to the other four on this list.

5. Maccas. Pretty standard, but if you're not sure where to go in a city we all know the Golden Arches. I’m a big fan of getting heaps too much Maccas and waking up in a pile of bad food. Sweet mustard on the nuggets man. Also, Big Mac for life. Peace.

Mr Hill & Rahjconkas new single, ‘Telescope’, is available now. Mr Hill supports Mr Grevis at the Beetle Bar November 15 and Solbar November 16.

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Wednesday, 23 October 2013 14:58

Jackie Onassis: Jackie And Juliet

The two members of Jackie Onassis didn’t just randomly meet and share their mutual love for music. Rather, Kai and Raph’s history goes further than that.

“We've known each other since we were 12,” Raph explains. “Myself and Kai, we're a part of the One Day crew which is a kind of collective of different hip hop artists such as Horrorshow, Spit Syndicate and Joyride. Most of us went to school together, so we've kind of known each other since we were [pre-teens].

“Kai and I used to kind of muck around and make music together when we were much younger, like teenagers. [But] we only started getting serious with it a couple of years ago.

"I went travelling through South America and lived in Canada for a while, and Kai was studying psychology, and when I came back I started studying. I was doing an arts degree, so we didn't see too much of each other until a couple of years ago [when] we bumped into each other in the one subject that we had together, which was American history.

“We went to the bar after the lecture and showed each other our music and, well yeah that was two years ago now.”

A lot has happened in that time for Kai and Raph.

“[Spit Syndicate] have really helped us out since day one in that Kai and I kept our music to ourselves for quite a long time. We didn't say we were in a band to anyone except for those guys. And they were the first ones who really showed interest in our music; you know, we showed them a couple of tracks and they were just super encouraging and immediately wanted to take us out on tour.

“A few years ago Horrorshow were playing at a sold out Come Together festival, and they got us backstage tickets and we were hanging out with them, and seeing those guys and the Spit Syndicate guys that were on stage with them at the same time just play a show that massive, and them saying 'you guys should be here' — it's incredibly inspiring. And the music they make is of such a high quality.

"Spit Syndicate and Horrorshow, they're two of the biggest hip hop acts in the country and the music they make is so professional and of such high quality and high standard, so that certainly pushes us and inspires us.”

Jackie Onassis recently finished their first national headlining tour, 'Smoke Trails'.

“We just wrapped it up a few weeks ago, but yeah that was really cool. We have been on the road before supporting other artists. We supported Spit Syndicate on their national tour, and we supported the east coast leg of Illy's tour last year.

“But yeah that was our first time that we were the headliner, so it was really cool to be able to get out there and meet the people who have been nice enough to listen to our music and support us. It was really cool, [we] really enjoyed it,” explains Raph.

“The first leg of the tour was Queensland and we had no idea what to expect ‘cause we've never been out on the road as a headline act before, we really didn't know what was going to happen.

"And we went to [Alhambra Lounge] early on and it was a little bit quiet and then all of a sudden when we got on stage there was a few hundred people there and most of them knew the words to everything. We were blown away, it was cool.”

Aside from a busy touring schedule, Jackie Onassis have also spent plenty of time at the studio working on another EP.

“We've got a new EP coming out in December, it's just being finished now. It's called 'The Juliet EP'. We just put our first single out for that two weeks ago, which is the title track.”

Jackie Onassis play Valley Fiesta November 22-24.

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