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Mullum Music Festival Three Day Double Pass

It’s beard meets bongo, banjo meets burlesque, flannelette meets flamenco and above all it's a boots ‘n’ all banquet of quality music and experiences at the Mullum Music Festival, November 21-24.

With a rep as one of the best boutique festival experiences around, the sixth annual Mullum Music Festival has a typically eclectic and colourful line-up of international, national and local acts for music lovers to enjoy in the quaint halls, pubs, clubs and streets of the funky little northern NSW town of Mullumbimby.

The bill is headlined by: Raul Midon, The Basics, The Barefoot Divas, Blue Grassy Knoll, Pieta Brown, Swamp Thing, Robert Ellis and many, many more.

To win a three-day double pass (Nov 22-24) This competition has closed.
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Terms and Conditions:

1. Winner will be drawn at random at 5pm Friday 15th November at Level 2, 192-210 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley. [Winner drawn]
2. Winner will be notified by e-mail. [Winner notified]
3. Entrants' email address will not be used for any other purpose except the conduct of this competition.

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Raul Midon: Radio Star

Blind from infancy, and with more soul than a church choir, Raul Midon has tried everything the music industry has to offer.

The list of artists Raul has collaborated with is impressive in both numbers and stature, ranging from Stevie Wonder to Snoop Dogg.

“I've obviously been inspired by Stevie [Wonder] and Herbie Hancock but I don't know if I would say that one has inspired me more than another. I think my whole modus operandi is that I am looking to many different kinds of music and different traditions in order to be inspired and to create my music.”

Raul uses strumming, beats and vocal-mouth trumpet sounds combined with his unique voice to create his own one-man band.

“There were certain turning points [in my music career], I suppose when I moved to New York in 2002 it sort of solidified my style as a guitar player. I kind of realised when I got there – ‘wow, there's 100,000 guitar players and singer/ songwriters, what makes me different from all these other people?’

"It kind of forces you to nurture whatever is unique or different about your approach to music. I think [by] putting [yourself] in that melting pot of really, really good musicians, it has this effect of either you find your voice or you leave.”

A radio enthusiast, his love for the old-school communication device hasn’t wavered.

“I've been into the hobby of ham radio since I was 12 years old. I think for me it is a sort of way to reach out to people. When I was growing up in rural New Mexico, we didn't even have a telephone so ham radio was my way to keep in touch.

"It's a strange thing, some people like stamp collecting or whatever, and for me the magic of radio has never worn off. I mean, right now I could sit here in my house and I could talk to somebody in Australia directly from their house to mine, not through the internet.

“People say ‘Why don't you just use Skype, it's the same thing?’ Well, it's not really. There is something magical about using the ionosphere to communicate directly to somebody.

"You don't have this massive billion dollar infrastructure that is associated with the internet – that's the only reason why we can talk all over the world on the internet.

“Radio is one radio to another, with a little bit of help from the ionosphere, that’s it. Whatever your antenna situation is, you can spend inordinate amounts of money on that too ... For me it's just magic, it's kind of like music.”

Raul’s forthcoming album sees him expanding on his already extensive mixed-bag of talents to include producer and engineer, with special software for the blind allowing him to host sessions in his own home studio.

“To me it's my crowning accomplishment. I have no idea how it's going to be received. It's an incredible achievement [not only] to have engineered and produced the album, but to have been able to get these collaborations to happen.

"I have got a song I wrote with Bill Withers on the album, I sing with Dianne Reeves, Liz Wright, Marcus Miller and Richard Bona. I'm really excited about the way it came out and this was a chance for me to shape the music in an even more complete way – as a producer, writer, player, singer and as an engineer.”

Currently touring internationally, he’s excited to be making his way down under.

“I've always liked Australia. I've always thought that it had some similarities to [America] in the way that it is this pioneering place. It's nice to go somewhere where people speak your language, even though I love going to places where they don't speak English as well.

"There is always some interesting food with different influences because you are so far away as well. I'm just looking forward to being there once again and also playing the new material.”

Raul Midon plays Brisbane Powerhouse November 25. Raul also performs as part of The Mullum Festival, which takes over Mululm November 21-24.

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